Tuesday 24 October 2017

Supply Chain Management System an Extension From Packers and Movers

Supply chain management system is an essential part of the entire business. Supply chain management system is important for a manufacturing unit. Supply chain management system encompasses planning, coordination, execution and management of activities that help to procure raw materials and distribute the finished product to the end consumer. #Supply #Chain #management system also involves coordination and collaboration with channel partners like suppliers, intermediaries and third-party service providers. In a nutshell supply chain management system bridges the gap between supply and demand within and across companies and converts it into a high performing business model. Over all it can also be incorporated that supply chain is a highly logistic driven work.

PLPOnline Packers & Movers with close to 42years of experience under its kitty ventured into supply chain management under the name of #PLP #ONLINE #Logistics. The brand provides transportation, warehousing and relocation. The foray into supply chain management by PLPOnline Packers & Movers is an obvious extension of their operations. The PLP ONLINE Group has ventured into every vertical in the logistic domain namely warehousing and transportation and this facilitated them to start the supply chain management service. It is interesting to note that the PLP ONLINE Group has now ventured beyond logistics by starting a roofing solution by the brand name of PLP ONLINE Rooftech. All in all a 360 degree logistic service provider.

PLP ONLINE Logistics receives immense support from PLPOnline Packers & Movers on the transportation and relocation front. The 42 years of experience has made PLPOnline Packers & Movers command supreme authority over transportation and relocation sector. PLPOnline Packers and Movers Bangalore with 12000 vehicles is an internationally reputed brand.

Supply chain management demands lot of commitment from the service provider and only a brand with ample resources can meet these promises. If promises are not met the whole process of supply chain would derail, badly affecting the company as well as the economy of the country. #PLP #ONLINE #Logistics offer supply chain solutions to diverse sectors, most prominent is the food segment, it is a segment where timely delivery and proper maintenance of goods is very important. The fact that PLP ONLINE Logistics has warehouses it enables them to safely store the goods and make them reach the market on time.


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